Mountaineering trip after calcaneal fracture

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    I sustained a comminuted minimally displaced calcaneal fracture 9/5/18 during a lead fall. No surgery was required. At 4 months post injury I could ski (ski patroller) & at 5 months, started skimo (no races). I’m back in the base period of training. I want to go on a mid to late June Mt Baker trip. Do you think that is reasonable, given my current progress? My foot is a little stiff with some decrease range of motion; but not painful.
    Thank you.

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    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #18370

    It sounds like you are well on your way to your June trip. You’ve survived the immobilization/boney healing phase, and the initial ramp back up to some activity. Indications you are not tolerating the training load will be swelling and loss of motion. It will be important that you address single leg strengthening, as this is your greatest limiter on the road back to full function. EVERYTHING gets weak on that side after immobilization: tendons, ligaments, joint surfaces, soft tissue. Impact tolerance will be the last thing to improve after a period of strength load. Skiing should be one of the better tolerated activities. The transition to hiking/running will be the most difficult. Hope this gives you some overview.

    mmingus on #18373

    Thank you!

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