Motivation and Training?

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    I’m curious how the coaches and other approach motivation and training? We recently had to cancel some plans that I’d been excited about and training for & I’ve found that this has really thrown off my training.

    I’m interested in keeping on training to build my fitness bases and prep for some other trips that we’ve been considering, but the whole thing with canceling this trip has been a bit of a letdown and its really thrown by training through a loop.

    How do folks approach this either from a coaching or a personal perspective? I think that as the group draws to a close this would be a great topic for discussion..

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    pedro on #77974

    Hi Nanook ,

    Motivation is always a topic with a difficult answer, there are lot of factors to have in mind to get to the cause of lack of motivation, and the strategies to change it depends on a good understanding of it.
    The best way is to find a specialised professional, its normal to loose motivation and to not know to manage it.
    Some solutions to are :
    Find a goals that you would like to do, start doing the easy ones first, after a the easy ones are done, you will gain trust to reach the other.
    Do the things that you love the most first , you will also gain the capacity to tackle the other things because you are happy by doing first and completed the ones you love.

    I Hope I could help even with my short answer.


    Pedro Carvalho

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