Most productive lower-body/leg strength exercises

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    keith brown

    If my available training time is limited during a week, and I want to focus my time on 2 leg strength exercises, what would you choose?
    Being sport-specific, assume we are preparing for something like Denali.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Jeremy on #68373

    I think the books recommend box step ups, lunges and rear leg on box squats.

    Maybe try two of those?

    Mariner_9 on #68379

    “even general strength training…should place heavy emphasis on single-legged strength exercises” – TFUA

    I would suggest box step-ups as one of the two.

    keith brown on #68380

    And the Box-step-ups would be strength, 5/6 reps? I’ve not worked ChamFit yet.

    Just restating, if you are a mountain/expedition-focused athlete (regardless of training phase), and you had only two go-to strength exercises, what would you chose?

    Box step-ups – consensus on that one.

    the second options
    single-leg – lunges, split squats, Bulgarian split-squats…?
    Traditional – dead-lift… (I’m hearing Scott speaking in the background saying of athletes and sports “only football linemen push with both legs!”

    Mariner_9 on #68382

    Hi Keith,

    “the Box-step-ups would be strength, 5/6 reps” – TFNA guidance on max strength is:

    “- Use a load that would allow you to do no more than five reps. (Or use 85–90 percent of your one repetition max.)
    – Use sets of one up to a maximum of four repetitions.
    – Use four to six sets of each exercise per session. Allow three to five minutes of rest between sets.
    – Do not go to muscular failure on any set. That will cause you to gain muscle mass.
    – Do this twice a week.”

    MarkPostle on #68398

    My top 3 would be box step ups, step down heel touch, and Bulgarian split squats with rear leg raised about 12″ or so to start.

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