Missed Time and Vertical Goal for Base Week 1

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    Was supposed to do 12,000′ last week. Due to extreme wind and protective moose guarding the skin track, I turned around with just over 10,100′ for the week. Is that discrepancy enough to force me to repeat my week? Fyi, I’m doing a multi-month ski mountaineering plan.

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    Rachel on #50645

    If you have the time to repeat the week it won’t hurt. What is the increase in vert for this week? Generally you don’t want to increase by more than 10-15% week to week.

    hafjell on #50646

    Thanks, Rachel. The increase would be to just over 12,800′. I’m trying not to increase by more than 7%.

    LindsayTroy on #50702

    Dang! What does your plan peak at?

    hafjell on #50724

    I don’t know. Presumably life constraints will dampen the final number, but I’m just going off of the book’s stated goals of consistency and incremental increases. I’m using 5 to 7% as 10 to 15% compounds too much. The goal this season is for a long-for-me traverse–less than 20 miles.

    Anonymous on #51011

    Nah, just continue. There’s no magic formula. It sounds like your week was close enough.

    hafjell on #51017

    Thanks, Scott.

    I’m seeing multiple PRs on a variety of my usual routes across workouts that run one hour, two hours, and three hours. A little time off certainly seems to be working. Thanks for the feedback.

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