Mike Foote’s BIG VERT plan?

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    Cosmic Hillbilly

    Hi, I am wondering if Mike Foote’s BIG VERT plan can also be used for advanced hikers(not running) who want to train to tackle a bunch of vertical feet?

    Thank you!

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    Anonymous on #47129

    Absolutely. It can also be used by skiers and alpinists.


    Cosmic Hillbilly on #47133

    Thank you Scott

    charlessalsgiver on #48000

    what gym equipment is required on this plan? With the Covid around here I’ve cancelled my gym memberships and don’t plan on using a public gym anytime in the future.

    Garret on #48004

    I’ve used it for mountain running without needing any gym equipment.

    If your weather allows outdoor running and you’ve access to a hill for sprints it can all be done outdoors.

    For the plan’s gym based ME I used a small backpack and bags of water for weight and a homemade box for step-ups.

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