Mike Foote’s Big Vert plan – notes on TrainingPeaks

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    Boris Groendahl

    Hi, I purchased ‘Mike Foote’s 20 week BIG VERT plan for intermediate to advanced mountain runners’ Training Plan from TrainingPeaks. The plan has notes in the “Pre-Activity Comments” section every Monday/first day of the training week which describe the purpose of the week or the period of which it is a part. I just noticed that in my version those Pre-Activity Comments are missing in week 13, and starting with week 14 repeat the text from the first 9-week period rather than provide new content. Can you fix that? Thanks in advance!

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    Garret on #50830

    Looking at my Big Vert plan …

    The Pre-Activity is indeed the same but the Description field changes. There’s different %s of the target event’s vertical and distance.

    – Garret

    Anonymous on #51006

    Thanks, Garret!

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