midweek long run on mike foote's plan

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    Hi there,
    I’m right in the middle of Mike foote’s plan right now and just curious about the reason behind mid week long run instead of back to back long run on the weekend.
    And will it make a difference to long a back to back long run instead .


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    hafjell on #20181

    I’d wait for the experts to chime in, but the answers will likely depend on how long and how intense. See p. 102 of the recent TftUA. Over two hours and you’ll need 24 to 48 hours. Eating during and immediately after will help you recover as will sleep and massage.

    Anonymous on #20230


    Mike and I debated stacking back to back long workouts in this plan and finally decided against it for the following reasons.

    We do not know very well the training background nor the goal event for the users of this plan. As such we have tended to err on the conservative side. There is a fair of intensity in this plan and we feel that most people will be sufficiently (and productively) taxed by the mix of volume and intensity we have laid out.

    The worst thing we can do is recommend a training plan that drives most users into the ground resulting in overtraining or injury and inability to meet their goals.

    Of course it is possible to customize any of our plans to fit your specific needs. This does take some careful planning and even more careful monitoring to be sure you are not overdoing the training. Before you go changing things too much consider the following………

    This plan follows very, very closely the training that Luke Nelson did leading up to his 8th place finish in the Tor d’Geant (300+KM and about 30,000m of elevation gain/loss) race last September. You can read about that here https://uphillathlete.com/ultrarunning-tor-des-geants-luke-nelson/. In the 9 months leading into that race Luke averaged 43miles/week of overall running volume.


    vilen13 on #20256

    thank you for answering my question!
    Great article!!
    I figured that might be the reason . My only concern with me is that because i’m a slow runner. I’m unable to squeeze in a long run mid week due to work . 😀

    But now i have another question @scott. You mentioned that Luke follows this plan very closely and only averaging 43 miles/week .
    I must’ve done my math wrong then for my race. I’m doing UTMB which is 100 miles ish . And right now it’s asking for 60% of target event/week and in one of the peak week , it’s called for 100% of target event per week . That means my weekly mileage will go up to 100 miles.

    Am I doing the calculation wrong?

    Thank you!

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