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    I finished the 24 week marathon program last year, and one of the outcomes, beyond the fitness increase, was metatarsalgia and medial knee pain. A sports podiatrist diagnosed dropped metatarsals and reduced muscular development on that leg. Is the general opinion that this type of foot pathology is due to an increase in load at the foot due to a lack of proximal leg strength? i.e. underdeveloped glutes and thigh compartment, and a tight posterior chain.

    The good news is that the knee pain has been effectively removed with leg strengthening, so now I’m concentrating on the foot and looking for the most effective direction to take.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Thomas Summer, MD on #56117

    A lack of proximal leg strength can be a contributing factor for metatarsalgia. But also not enough strength in the foot, too much load from running, bad/old shoes…
    I would continue with the leg strengthening. And ad some flexibility and strength training for the foot.
    Insoles can be helpful to get rid of the pain, but I would not recommend that as a long-term solution. Unless there is a bigger anatomic problem with the foot.
    I also see good results with cortisone injections, but that’s only one of the last steps.

    hope that helps?!


    martyb on #56130

    Thanks Thomas! That sounds perfect. My foot strength program is from my foot function.

    Its interesting, I’ve noticed this foot will cramps when stretching/strengthing, whilst my the other one doesn’t. It’s had long term issues since trekking the Anapurna Circuit in sandals 20 years ago. Putting the foot into a bucket of warm waters, before stretching and strengthening, stops the cramps.

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