Metacarpal-trapezoid joint issue?

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    Hi Pete / everyone,

    I think I may have gotten my right wrist slightly out of whack – it feels as though my index finger metacarpal is slightly dorsal (a few millimeters?). Curious if you have any suggestions on what to pursue.

    I’m not a climber. I run a bunch, and I row a bit, and I’ve done a decent amount of weightlifting / powerlifting over the years. I went bouldering a few weeks ago. Went fine, tired wrists / arms but nothing acute. Afterwards, I noticed that the back of my right hand had a bit of a bump relative to my left hand. Besides some soreness, I had no range of motion issues or pain.

    Yesterday I did some Romanian deadlifts for the first time in a while, and later in the evening felt a couple of odd twinges in my right wrist. So it seems to me like I do have some issue, and I’d like to figure it out before aggravating it.

    This paper was interesting – figure 4 shows a more extreme dorsal prominence than I’m experiencing, but is basically the same. It suggests that closed reduction (fixing dislocation) has been successful in some cases.

    Is this something I might be able to sort out on my own? Something a 20-minute chiropractic visit could fix? Other options…?

    Thank you!


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    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #40006

    Well, no trauma or event that I would expect to lead to greater injury, that’s good. It’s an area that can also get cysts due to repetitive activity. You might want to practice benign neglect as long as you have full ROM and no real pain.

    Reed on #40014

    Thank you, Pete. It seems like I might have started to aggravate it – flipping some onions in a pan while cooking yesterday resulted in some pain. I’ll try leaving it alone for a bit, no deadlifts, and see if a PT / chiropractor I’ve been to can take a look once they open back up (closed down due to COVID-19).

    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #40019

    I’m open in my telehealth practice, just email me at

    zerbalat on #64768

    Cool to find an old thread where someone is looking for the same answer as you do.

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