Metabolic Efficiency Testing (MET) – East Coast

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    Just listed to the podcast with Judd Van Sickle about MET at UC Davis. Anyone have recommendations for a MET facility on the East Coast. I’m in the DC area. Thanks

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    edgold on #52867

    Have not received any responses about the east coast. Can anyone point me in the direction of a MET facility anywhere? Thanks

    Al B on #52914

    This is a link to the list on the MET website:

    FWIW – I had a very good experience with Caroline Kavanaugh in MA but it looks like the nearest one to you is in MD.

    edgold on #52915

    Thank you very much for the link! Very helpful. Have a great day.


    Anonymous on #53343

    I’ve had client tests done with Bryndan at GMU. He wasn’t familiar with our testing protocol, but he was open-minded and willing to try it. The test results we got were what we needed.

    crystal.fenwick on #56272

    Hi @Scott, I’m in DC and looking for an accurate estimate of AeT, and fuel efficiency/ratio — would you recommend I try GMU?

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