Meet Thomas Summer, doctor and UA athlete

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    Thomas Summer is a UA athlete and a doctor in Austria. While COVID-19 is making it more difficult to get medical attention, Thomas has volunteered to answer any sport medicine questions that you may have.

    Thomas has been training with Uphill Athlete since September 2019 and practices in orthopedic medicine in a rehab clinic in Austria.

    As with all things medical, Thomas will offer an opinion, but before acting on any advice, please check with your primary care physician.

    Welcome, Thomas!

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    Anonymous on #56448

    This is great! Do you have links to his official channels – instagram, fb, maybe a blog or a website?

    Thomas Summer, MD on #56506

    Thank you!
    I don’t like social media;-) but I’m happy to answer all your questions (sports medicine related) here in this forum.

    Anonymous on #58338


    Jane Mackay on #58346

    Wow, this is very generous. Vielen Dank, Thomas.

    KateriKramer on #63717

    Hi Thomas,

    First of all, wow! This is so generous of you. Also if this isn’t something that can be answered over the forum, I completely understand.

    My question is about getting back to activity after a long lay-off after several semi-severe injuries. I have hypermobility-Ehlers Danlos and haven’t been able to figure out my recovery or push through workouts when my body doesn’t feel great (because it rarely does). Do you happen to know about any resources/experts who specialize in athletes with hEDS?

    Thanks again,


    Thomas Summer, MD on #72841

    Hi Kateri,

    Sorry for the late reply. I don’t know of anyone who is specializing in athletes with EDS. But I think a good coach who has some experience about the disease would be a great help for you. With Pete Dickinson we also have a great PT with lot’s of experience. I have some experience with patients… if you are interested into coaching I would recommend to write us an email. Or get a phone consultation with Pete or me. You can also write me at
    Hope that helps?!

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