Meet Drew Hammond, Director of Tactical at Uphill Athlete

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    Steve House

    Drew has worked with Steve and Scott behind-the-scenes when they have been called upon to consult with the fitness programming for special forces groups whose duties require them to operate in mountainous terrain and/or at high altitude.

    Drew works full-time as an embedded Human Performance Director for Air Force special operations. A central theme running through his work is a pursuit of proven training methodologies. He caters to individualized, athlete-centric coaching and program design.

    Prior to his work with the military, Drew earned a BA in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as well as a MSc in Strength and Conditioning from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. While overseas, Drew had the privilege of working within Scotland’s international rugby program in addition to the work he completed as part of his degree with Edinburgh’s elite sport development teams.

    Drew frequently undertakes performance consulting opportunities with different military and government entities interested in tactical athlete development. Additionally, he has partnered on a number of occasions with the Air Force Research Lab to develop actionable solutions for wearable devices, biomarker systems, cloud-based athlete management software and other projects related to optimizing performance.

    Scott and I asked Drew to moderate this portion of the forum as he has speaks the military-language and lives the military life in a way Scott and I can not and have not. This forum is a free service we provide to you to further our mission of serving good, reliable information to athletes in need of the information. Drew is here to communicate our “proven training knowledge” to the tactical athlete community.

    Welcome Drew!

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