Measuring training load – Moving time vs Elapsed time

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    I’m new to the uphill training, and I’m building my plan based on the Training for the New Alpinism book and have a question about measuring the weekly training load.

    Whenever I’m doing a long zone 1 activity, there is a significant difference in my moving time (MT) vs. elapsed time (ET). Sometimes ET is more than 50% of MT (Gasp! Is that normal?). It is likely because of small rests, setting up/swapping gear, food/hydration, route-finding, etc.

    Since I need to plan the weekly training load in terms of hours, which should be considered to put down in my training log, MT or ET?

    Any advice is appreciated! Thank you

    – Jas

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    Mariner_9 on #68161

    I just pause my watch when not moving. I do a lot of my aerobic training with our husky. If I stop to give her water or wait for her to return from chasing a deer, for example, I just pause the recording of the workout. That way the hours recorded reflect moving time rather than elapsed time. You just have to remember to re-start!

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