Measuring Resting Heart Rate

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    how do you properly measure your resting heart rate with a chest strap?
    When I lie still in the morning and record my heart rate for about 3 minutes, is the resting heart rate the lowest heart rate that gets recorded? Or is it the average heart rate?

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    Anonymous on #28637

    It’s both. Why are you measuring it? Note that resting heart rate on its own doesn’t say much about anyone…

    This may help.

    Jan on #28688

    I am measuring it to see if it got lower during the last 6 month and will get lower in the future. And because of page 125 of TftUA where it says that a elevated resting heart rate gives some insight to the fatigue level (though you should take it with a grain of salt).
    Plus my Suunto-watch wants to know it. And I can only put one number in there, not two 😉

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