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    I have been reading the various threads on ME workouts over the last month+ and was confused on a couple points for how to implement these in my weekly schedule. Hopefully someone can enlighten me.

    1. David Roeske’s story seemed to imply he did two massive ME workouts each week with minimal other work. However on this forum Scott has stressed the importance of pairing ME with continued aerobic work because ME degrades Z1/2 base. To deepen our understanding, how did this work for David? Am I just misreading the article about him?

    2. When training for a climb involving technical difficulties where you want to do upper body ME and lower body ME is it better to stack the workouts so that you do both upper and lower body on the same day? Or is it better to spread them out? For example, someone who has 2 hrs for their workout each day, is it better to do a big ME leg outing, some Z1 the next day and then do weighted ARCing at the rock gym? OR should you stack the two workouts with an hour of each twice/week?

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    Good questions. David Roeske did a lot of base aerobic runs between those killer ME workouts. A few things to keep in mind:
    Runners don’t call their easy runs ‘workouts’ they only call hard workouts ‘workouts’.
    David had, and has, a very high aerobic base fitness. When he started working with us he had recently run a 2:30 marathon. So his aerobic base only needed maintenance which allowed us to focus more on the higher intensity ME workouts. Most climbers won’t have such a well established aerobic base. David could stand to sacrifice some of his base as he built more ME.

    As for doing upper and low body ME: You can definitely do these on the same day. I presume your upper body ME will be some sort of climbing. This will be a very high energy day so eat well before and after.


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