ME workout: Weighted uphill climbs vs gym workout

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    I’m training for Cruel Jewel 100 miler (33k gain, 33k loss) in May using the Mike Foote Big VERT 20 week training plan. The plan calls for doing split jump squat and box step up progressions for the ME workouts. I own an incline treadmill that goes to 45% incline and have a weight vest. Wondering if I can do weighted uphill climb progressions instead of the ‘gym workout’ since I have easy access to steep inclines with my treadmill? It seems that it would be more specific to my goal race. Also, the flexibility in my big toe on my right foot is a bit lacking, and SJSs are sometimes painful as they force the toe to flex quite a bit when landing with that foot in the rear position.

    Thanks in advance!

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    We included the gym ME progression in the Big Vert plan because of the eccentric loading the jumps supply. we’ve found this has a powerful training stimulus for both uphill but maybe more importantly downhill running. This stuff will make your legs much more fatigue resistant overall.

    All that said, though, if your toe is a problem then yes by all means DO NOT INJURE IT! Injury should be avoided at all costs. With an incline trainer you can get a serious steep ME workout carrying a weight pack.

    Good luck with your training.

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