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    I’ve been working on cardio for over a year now, last AeT I wasn’t attempting 10% mark yet but mostly because I went from not working and getting 4+ hrs a week training to working and getting 3hrs if lucky along with some injuries and sickness along the way.

    My question really is I’m thinking about trying to hike 75 miles with around 9700ft gain/loss in 50hrs in June (about 14 weeks away) when should I start the gym based ME workouts? Can I start now and just do 1 a week? Is there anything else I should change besides my normal cardio workouts?

    Cardio I think I’m good, it’d just be muscle endurance I’d be questioning…

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    Shashi on #63978

    I am assuming that you have been doing some strength workouts along with aerobic workouts. I would recommend splitting the time you have between the Base and Muscular Endurance periods. Maybe eight weeks of Base followed by six weeks of ME.

    You might have already read it, but this article provides some good insight into ME –

    Vertical Beast Mode: What Is Muscular Endurance? Why Is It Important and How Do You Train It?

    juskojj on #63981

    Yes, I’ve been doing strength as well. So for ME work outs 1x a week? Or 2x a week?

    Sorry what do you mean by splitting? Like ramp up base buildings volume? I’ve just been running zone 1 and 2 to increase my base and try and get within the 10%

    Shashi on #64019

    I meant you can do the first eight weeks of Base period training and then six weeks of Muscular Endurance period training. ME once a week and you can have one uphill hike with a backpack (10-15% of body weight) over the weekend.

    juskojj on #64020

    Thanks! All base training in zone 1 correct?

    Shashi on #64021

    All base training in zone 1 correct?
    If your AeT is within 10% of AnT, then yes. If not, Z2.

    juskojj on #64022

    Much appreciated. Obviously the more time the better. Is there a minimum time (volume) of cardio/ base i should aim for?

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