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    Christian Borgbo

    Hi all

    I’m about to incorporate gym based muscular endurance workouts in my current training block. In an earlier block I used the workout prescribed in Mike Foote’s 20 week plan including split jump squats and box step-ups. In the new book there is another ME workout including more exercises (box step-ups, front lunge, split jump squat and jump squat). As far as I remember there is a third iteration of a gym based workout in one of the articles on this website.

    Is there any significant difference between the workouts? Why would I do one over the other?

    Thank you for your new book. It is a fantastic wealth of knowledge.

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    Anonymous on #20677


    I have played around with variations these gym based ME workouts since the mid 90s. I’m not sure there is on magic workout. I’ve seen really solid gains with many athletes using a variety of exercises in these. Notice that they all share similar progressions. I think that is the key. I do feel that yo will ge the most benefits from making the joint angles and range or motion very similar to the needs of your event. Mix and match and you may learn some interesting stuff for yourself. But adhere to the basic principles and I think you’ll be fine.


    Christian Borgbo on #22210


    Thank you. I have one follow-up question.

    Would you recommend doing these types of ME workouts for flatter, shorter and faster races? Say a flat 30-50km trail race with minimal elevation gains or a road marathon? Or should the muscular endurance come from different types of workouts for these kind of events?

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