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    I am currently about half-way through a ME period of training. My leg ME workout (due to time, location and COVID-19 restrictions) is 3 laps up a steep 700ft hill in the woods near my home. I am currently using a 70+ lbs pack (I weigh 145lbs). This is no longer creating a sufficient ME stress (I’m not that sore afterwards and can hammer out the uphill portion in about 22 min without feeling like the weight is holding me back, I’m also hiking down with the same weight.) I don’t really have the time to increase the laps (still working from home), and I’m afraid to crank the weight higher as my shoulders/hips feel more sore afterwards than my legs do and I don’t want a shoulder injury.

    I know that with certain top athletes you have created alternate ME workouts to push their progression. Any recommendations for what I might do?

    Thanks, Sam

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    You could switch it up with our Runner ME protocol. It’s not climbing specific, but it sounds like you’ve got what you can out of the weighted carries until you can make the laps longer.

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