ME hill climbs and ski touring

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    1. I am on the 24 week expedition plan and Loving it! I am into the weighted hill climbs and have one option for the climb a 4 mile 1700′ -trail- which I have been using and the other option -farther away is a 3 mile 2k foot -trail. In the plan’s instructions a trail is not recommended as it won’t initiate enough load to gain the desired effect. Do I need to commute to Tahoe/ more mountainous regions on the weekends?
    2. I took an Avy resume course last Saturday (up and down a hill on skis with skins all-day) and skipped -mini MAX- and went ski touring Sunday in lieu of a 2 hour run. The tour was with a 30 lb pack and we got in 2k feet of vertical and the duration met the 2 hours. Do I repeat this ^^^ week?
    3. I am in an AIARE 2 class this weekend and will be touring all 3 days (Fri, Sat, Sun). Can I sub out the “uphill ME climb” that’s on Thursday with a mini max session thats scheduled for Saturday and then well uh ya know skip the uphill workout entirely 🙂
    Whatever you say will be fantastic and if this is too extensive for the forum please email me and I will setup a coaching call post haste! For those that don’t know the calls are invaluable. Full of value and expertise.

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    Anonymous on #15119

    Read this forum thread and see if it does not shed more light:

    Big days of ski touring – still base building or ME?

    In answer to your direct questions:
    1)Lots/most folks are topograpahically challenged when it comes to finding steep enough terrain to make these ME workouts their most effective. So, what to do? Stairs in a tall building, Stair Machines, Gym ME workouts as described here:

    2) Life can easily disrupt any training plan. You can’t be a slave to the plan. You need some flexibility. These ski touring days certainly were good things to have done for your fitness. They probably had a string aerobic training effect coupled with the ME effect as well due to the pack weight.

    3) Yes, smart move to drop the ME right before doing 3 bigger ski days. A mini-max session would be a good thing to stick in that day.


    Colin Simon on #15124

    If your ME day falls on one of those AIARE days you could bring watermelon, beer, or something else hilariously heavy to share with the rest of the class at the top of the hill.

    mavppe on #15132

    This is both funny and a great idea. “something else hilariously heavy” Thanks bro.

    James H on #15143

    what gym machine would you guys say most replicates ski touring ?

    Land on #15165


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