May climbing Mont Blanc have an impact on training for ultras?

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    Hi there,

    I’ve got two races next year, the first one and my main objective is at the end of July (110km, 6500m D+) and a secondary objective is around mid October (94km, 6200 D+).
    But I’d also like to climb Mont Blanc next summer, so my question is; might climbing Mont Blanc be complimentary or detrimental to my training-performance? I thought to give it a go at the end of June, effectively a month before my main goal, and use it as a long day out (time on foot) at a low HR. Would that have a positive or negative impact? Or none? Would it be smarter to do it in between races (at some point in August) if the performance on the second race is not a priority for me?

    Thanks in advance!

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    l.tregan on #48410

    I think that will be very complimentary 🙂 First for the mind, variety in training is good. From physiological perspective, I guess that can top up your high-volume mileage and you start to slowly trail down from there; the big backpack will be good for overall strength.

    I’d assume your are talking a 2-day ascent though. For most people, a single push from the valley would count as utilization and not capacity training. Altitude will also take a big toll if you have not done a few 4000m peaks in the weeks and months ahead.

    Finally, June is a bit early in the season if you had planned to do it on foot instead of ski.


    Anonymous on #48424

    If you allow enough recovery afterward it should be fine. Good luck!

    Anonymous on #48425

    Wait… I just noticed that your other events are ultras. I thought they were other mountaineering events.

    If you think that you can recover quickly enough from Mont Blanc then it should be an issue. If recovery will take a long time, then it could impact your run training. It really depends on your training leading up to it.

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