MaxS: subbing Landmine Bulgarian split squat for BSU?

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    I really enjoy and see progress in the max strength work but am now limited by available weight and tools if I don’t go to the gym. However, I dohave access to barbell and weight plates for my home gym but no squat cage/rack. Hence, I’m not able /comfortable loading up heavy for back squat or step ups.

    I just clued into using barbells in the landmine position. Landmine squats seem to work perfect, and I’m planning to substitute weighted box step ups for landmine Bulgarian split squat. Do you see any issues with this movement substitution for max strength phase?

    For general strength and muscular endurance I’ll go back to weighted box step ups (just a much lower weight than I need for MaxS).

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    Anonymous on #59573


    If you have the equipment for the landmine variation of the split squat that is a great way to add a lot of weight safely. Some climbers with very strong legs find it hard to get enough weight on their backs for the box step in the Max strength phase of training. This wold be a good substitute.

    It wouldn’t be a bad way to do ME for the strong athlete either if you need say 80+ pounds on your back for ME. I have had some athletes needing that much or more to get the ME effect.

    Good call on your part to come up with this.

    Aaron on #59635

    Thanks so much for the confirmation. I will likely purchase a trap bar next yr but the landmine opens up good and affordable options for now and into the future.

    Aaron on #60248

    Quick update. The landmine variation for squat and split squat have been working well. However on the squat I’m starting to hit the limit of grip strength on the bar end. So I just pulled some plates off and added my backpack filled with sand (~65lbs) to get some load onto the back. That feels perfect and should open up space to keep increasing load. The partial weight on the back actually feels really good and changes the muscle loading a little. MaxS kinda addictive, feels so good and progress is so fast. Getting close to switching to ME in a couple weeks.

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