Max strength – how often is enough?

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    I am currently preparing my new training plan. My focus is to improve my sports climbing performance while maintaining a certain degree of aerobic capacity.

    It currently looks like this: 3x running, 2x climbing, 1x max strength. I wonder if I can expect any strength gains from the max strength routine or if its a waste of time because once a week is not often enough … ? I know TFTNA recommends 2x max strength per week but I feel like I can get the most benefit from going climbing right now and I do not want to substitute one climbing session for another max strength session. Can I expect any strength increases from max strength training once per week?

    Thank you for you advice

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    There is probably some individual variation, but I’ve been able to see gains on a 1x/week schedule of max strength. The gains were slower than training 2x/week, but there was still progression. Lately my max strength has plateaued, but I think that that’s because of other more intense endurance training that is interfering.

    To see if 1x/week works for you, be sure to keep track of the reps and loads that you do each workout. In general, if I had a successful session and completed what I had planned on with good form throughout, then I would increase the next session by ~10 pounds.

    I hope that helps.

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