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Max strength and General Strength Periods

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    When transitioning into the max strength stage, and say you would do 2x sessions of max strength a week, would you want to keep doing 1x a week of the Chamonix fit or drop the Chamonix fit all together. I feel like i would want to keep it at least once a week because it seems so valuable.



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    Jeremy, I have had athletes run both max Strength and Cham at the same time. Typically one Max and one Cham although if you recover adequately and have the time you certainly could do 2 max and maybe a slightly easier Cham (like drop from level 3 – 2) 1X per week. This of course needs to be in context of all the other training modes. Are you getting enough z1/z2 volume in? Are you also trying to do ME work at the same time? I do think the Cham has some real movement upsides that are hard to get at in other training modes and its worth running a bit of it as maintenance.

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