Max reasonable weight on toe raises?

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    I’m doing the 8 week ice climbing program: really like it, fun change from the 24w mountaineering program I typically do (and-redo, and re-do… 🙂 )

    Due to my training background I find toe raises to be the easiest exercise and I was wondering if there’s a point for me to continue to increase the weight? Right now I put my toe right at the very edge of a big block, in mountain boots, then I do 10 reps per leg (one leg at a time) wearing a 55 pound (25 kg) weight west. I don’t have more weight than that I can easily wear at home but if there’s benefit I can probably find more weight.


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    I think you’re all set. Rather than more, you can probably do less to maintain your current level of strength. As a general rule of thumb, ~75% of the load/frequency will be enough.

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