Manual vs. Motorized Treadmill for Splitboarding Training?

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    Justin B.

    Hey everyone. I’m pretty new here, but I was recently given a copy of Training for the Uphill Athlete, and I’m digging in as I prepare to attempt Mt. Shasta via Avalanche Gulch in May. I can only get up to the mountains to splitboard a few times per month, and the hills nearby aren’t that big. So I’m considering buying an incline treadmill.

    Forgive me if this question has already been answered on these forums, but are there any drawbacks to manual treadmills versus motorized ones? I’ve seen quite a few inexpensive manual treadmills with good reviews that purport to go to a 15% grade and beyond. (I’d obviously use a slope angle measuring tool to calibrate it myself.) Some of them have varying levels of magnetic resistance, but I’m not sure what the benefits of that are.

    Any insights or thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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