Making your own plan after the program ends

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    Lauren Pfund

    So I’ve been training with this group since the inaugural cohort back in January and can’t believe it’s almost been a whole year! I’m looking for guidance on how to proceed on my own for a bit. Can I repeat the same plan on loop and see where I’m at after another 6 months to a year? If so, should I do the entire 3 months or the second half of it? I haven’t looked at the UA book in awhile and I’m planning on rereading it to refresh myself on the recommendations for self training. I would love to just keep going with the paid training but it was a bit of a financial stretch so I at least need a break which is not to say I won’t be back at some point. I’ve really learned a lot and enjoyed this experience tremendously. I’ve almost doubled the amount of vert that I can hike in an hour at zone 2 so I know the theory behind the training works!

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    Anonymous on #60549

    Hi Lauren!
    Your fitness has obviously improved! yay ((:
    There is an art to doing your own programming. You can definitely use this plan on repeat, here are some pointers. So going back to week one of 12 might not be necessary. Just continuing say the last eight week block might be ideal, though the caution here is you do need deep recovery at times, a couple weeks off and to mix it up from time to time. So you don’t burn out or keep too high a load for too long. So if the output of the weeks for the second two thirds seems sustainable and not stressful in your day to day life go with that, but plan a couple of weeks (or more) here or there after an 8 week block where you just go do fun things without it being training so you stay fresh. If you take a longer break like that (2- 3 weeks) then you might want to ramp back up with a full 12 weeks of the program. I hope this helps! Send more questions if you have them ( :

    Lauren Pfund on #60554

    Thank you! I will definitely try that. Something else I thought of is this, the advanced plan is about as much volume as I can handle during the week working full time, I guess my question is about whether you think it’s ok to gradually add volume to the long weekend hike to add increase / enhance the training effect? I think I remember 5-10% max increase per week, or per 3 week training block, from our previous discussions or the book?

    Anonymous on #60584

    Yes that’s correct 5 – 10% increase. I’d be cautious adding too much though it sounds like you already are at a place where the training is a lot with your current life schedule. Try to not overreach with all the other things you are balancing in life. The advanced program is advanced and a lot of volume for someone who works full time, so get deep rest and recovery in there for your body and “stress” levels. What ends up happening is athletes want to continue to improve and gain and push and then they don’t recover or back off. We have seasons and we have goals, after a big climb or event we need to really recover and take a break. Since you are not targeting a specific climb/goal right now try to keep the training in check, and realize eventually you won’t be able to add more and more volume. ( : Hope this makes sense!

    Jane Mackay on #60731

    Thanks, Carolyn, that’s all very helpful for me too, as I’m also going to take off ‘on my own’ for a while. I want to try training over a longer arc of time, and I also want to put strength at the forefront, because I’m far behind in that relative to other aspects. I’m going to use the structure of the 24-week mountaineering plan and — applying the huge amount I’ve learnt over the course of this year in this group — modify it to my physical capacity and needs, with a focus on strength and continued easy runs for base training. I’ll probably take January off. Hopefully there will be snow and Covid regulations will permit me to take ski lessons and I’ll at last learn how to ski! That’s another huge component missing from my skill set as far as all-season mountain going.

    Thank you and Maya (and Alison in round 1) SO MUCH for all the patient guidance, knowledge and wisdom you have given to us. It’s been a life changer for me. I’m certainly not going away 🙂 I hope to rejoin this group at some point down the road, maybe even able to move up to the advanced plan. I also have my eye on saving my pennies and, when my life is settled enough to make it worthwhile, signing up for 1:1 training for a period of time. After listening to Scott’s podcast with Adrian Ballinger I really want to do Alpenglow’s K2 & G2 Base Camp trek up the Baltoro glacier — lots of penny saving and training to do to be ready for that. Maybe 2023…

    I’ll miss you both and this group. Might book a 1:1 call every now and then just to stay in touch … 😉


    Jane Mackay on #60732

    Another quote for your promotional efforts:

    As far as ROI, the FUA group is an OUTSTANDING investment.
    – Jane Mackay

    Anonymous on #60787

    HI Jane,
    Thank you so much for the promotion quote and reflection of your appreciation! We will miss you however stay in touch we love to here about your training successes and how it went going it on your own! ( :
    Sending our best!
    C & M

    Melanie Hunter on #60953

    Jane, your quote really sums it up for me, too. As with you and Lauren, I’ve been doing this since we started way back in February and could not be happier with the whole experience. I’ve just learned so much!

    Anonymous on #60993

    Thank you for the kind words Melanie! We have thoroughly enjoyed running this program and seeing so many successes!

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