Maintenance of fitness, when availability to train is limited.

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    While training for different alpine objectives using the TFTNA methods, it became obvious that consistency of training is key. With a child on the way, my ability to train will become significantly limited, yet I want to maintain some level of fitness, so when I can start training again I’m not starting from zero. From what I learned in the TFTNA book and other sources, general strength training and max strength training seem to give you biggest “bang for the buck”, while aerobic threshold training requires much higher time commitment for it to be effective. I anticipate being able to train 3-5 hours a week at first. What mode of training would make most sense?

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    The strength training you mention will be good for maintaining and even building strength but those workouts will do nothing for building and maintain aerobic capacity. If you want to maintain both you will need to train both systems. The best “bang for the buck” time-wise for aerobic training is running.


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