Maintenance for Unpredictable Schedule

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    I have a question about maintenance (which I’m sure someone has already asked). I am a lawyer at a firm that handles fast-paced, complex cases, which means my hours are fairly unpredictable. And when I’m busy, I’m very busy (working 14+ hours per day).

    Do you have any recommendations on how I can handle these periods without losing too much fitness? My current approach is to just get in as much running as I can (maybe 3-4 miles every other day). For comparison, my normal week includes roughly 40-50 miles of running in the hills around LA and 5-6 hours of rock climbing. I feel slightly worried by my dramatic changes in volume for a couple reasons. First, I see a lot emphasis on consistency, which isn’t always possible for me. Second, 3-4 mile runs don’t feel like much, so I sometimes wonder if they’re even worth it. Any help is appreciated!

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    Consistency is ideal, but we’re all bound by life constraints. 3-4 miles is better than nothing. It will help.

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