Maintaining fitness post-training

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    Hi All,

    So I’ve completed the 20-week Ultra training and participated in the Zion 50k this past weekend, and the question I keep asking myself is what’s next? I’d been sidelined from climbing due to a hand injury for the past year, but I’m OK’d to climb and I plan on getting back after it, however I don’t want to lose all the running fitness I’ve gained over the past 20 weeks either. I’ll plan to continue running, but it’s mainly going to be shorter 6-12 mile trail runs and I honestly don’t ever see myself participating in another ultra event.

    What are some recommendations for maintaining a semblance of running fitness?


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    Luckily, maintaining a physical work capacity is easier than building it in the first place. Two to three runs a week will definitely maintain the base you’ve built for months. Especially if one of them is rather long. So a mix of climbing and running should suit you very well as you return to more climbing now.

    Good luck,

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