Maintaining aerobic fitness

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    I currently train about 8-10 hours a week at AeT to ten below. I am not training for anything. I like to stay in “hard hike”shape i.e. Grand Canyon Rim to River to Rim.

    For June, I want to bump up my strength training days to see if I can make some strength gains and that will mean I need to cut back on my base aerobic training.

    How many hours would you advise so that I can maintain my current level of fitness?


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    Shashi on #67073

    This discussion might help –

    Aerobic Maintenance

    saltzmanjane on #67075

    I’m looking for a more or a definitive answer in terms of hours. Anything you can direct me toward where a coach has already answered this question would be great!

    Shashi on #67079

    There is no definitive answer, but general guidelines and Scott shared that in his response to the forum discussion I shared earlier. You can probably drop back to 75% of the volume so 7.5 hours if you have been doing 10 hours of aerobic volume.

    saltzmanjane on #67086

    Thank you.

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