Maintain Fitness during Treatment

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    Hi, I’m looking at 2 weeks of radiation in the beginning of August followed (possibly) by abdominal surgery in mid September and 4 days as an in-patient.
    The doctors would like me to stay active during radiation assuming I have the energy.
    As I read the books and this forum, I understand the importance of recovery and exercising only when healthy. But is there anything I can do aside from sleep and proper nutrition? I’ve been using the three principles of continuity, gradualness and modulation for 18 months (with the exception of a month off for a broken rib) and have realized satisfying gains. Just hoping not to lose too much ground before ski season.

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    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #26429

    Exercise has a significant positive role in pre/post surgery and cancer treatment. Gentle aerobic activity within your tolerance creates a host of positive events for circulation, blood flow, and endocrinolgic stimulus. You need not to adversely stress healing regions, and be gradual in your progressions. Start modestly and progress gradually.

    hafjell on #30345

    Thanks, Pete. Recovering from abdominal surgery on the 27th of September. I’m back to walking for exercise and even rode the bike for a mile last night. Slow and steady. We should be able to skin by Thanksgiving. I’ll do as much of that as I can tolerate.
    I’m guessing you’d recommend a longer than usual transition period when the surgeon gives me the ok to train at the end of this month?

    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #30545

    Great to hear surgery is behind you! Abdominal surgery can be surprisingly rough to recover from, so listen to what your body is telling you, you’ll get there!! Keep any increases in load/intensity to 10% of current abilities, we want you to adapt, not react to the progressions in training.

    hafjell on #30596

    Thanks, Pete. Good tip on the 10% and adaptation. I’ll likely start uphill walking this week (hesitate to call it hiking at my current speed) and will keep the 10% rule in mind.

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