losing weight, while training, without being stupid

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    Hello hello!

    I am new to this cite and grateful to have come across it! I appreciate any feedback!

    My question is: how can one go about trying to shed some extra pounds without compromising training and overall health? What are the things to be most mindful of? Where do you start? Any tips to set oneself up for success?

    (my point of view: I run 45-55 miles per week, 3,000-4,000ft vert, weigh 152-157lb, female, 5ft6.5in tall, mid-20s fat%, 23yo, simple prehab and body weight strength sessions 4-5x/week, and I work full time.)

    In the past, I have been too aggressive with cutting calories and I ran into low energy availability type symptoms, anemia, or 1-2 soft-tissue injuries from stress. Or, I just don’t see long term results.

    Thanks for reading! Any advise will be most welcome!


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    Rebecca Dent on #32024

    Hey Ikk2162,

    Thanks for your question, this actually requires quite an in-depth reply, it may sound like a plug but if you wish for specific guidance then please sign up to a custom nutrition plan where I can support you fully whilst ‘keeping you safe’, which means giving you the right support to manage weight loss (if appropriate) and keeping you healthy whilst optimising your training and performance. My concern is that you have already experienced RED-S / LEA and injuries and are still a young age, so there may be some specific factors we need to look at and determine how this came about (in addition to perhaps overly cutting calories, it may be there are some deficiencies in your nutrition intake, not through your own fault but perhaps you are not eating sufficient to match the demands of your training, we do not need to be underweight to experience RED-S).

    I get asked quite a lot by custom uphill athletes for weight loss guidance in amongst nutrition to support training. In the first instance I would help improve or refine day to day eating, ensure enough of the right stuff is going in and enough at the right times (by adding more foods and changing the mind set of eating less) to support training, adaptations and recovery. Usually with these changes UA’s report a positive change in weight/body composition without necessarily restricting eating or ‘going on a diet’ thus supporting health, training and performance.

    I would also be cautious unless you had a gold standard measure taken of interpreting your body fat percentage and using that as a weight loss guide.

    Hope that is helpful in some way, please do get in touch if you wish for further guidance and follow the link to sign up.

    Custom Performance Nutrition Plan

    Rebecca – Uphill Athlete Dietitian

    lkk2162 on #32044

    Thank you so much for your reply! I had not thought about getting a custom nutrition plan. It would definitely help me to navigate all the different theories, diet plans, and anecdotal nutrition accounts. I will definitely consider it.

    (I had my bone mineral density and body fat percentage was taken via Lunar DEXA Scan about 9 months ago, but I’m sure it has changed a little since then.)

    Again, thank you so much!

    Rebecca Dent on #32252

    You’re welcome!

    That’s great you had a DEXA scan, yes it may have changed hopefully if you have resumed good eating practices.

    Please do get in touch if wish for further help, it would be a pleasure to work with you.

    Rebecca – Uphill Athlete Dietitian

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