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    I think I’ve done everything ready for group starting next week – including booking some climbing trips. Where is everyone off to when they have their new upgraded body?

    Cheers, Colin (UK)

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    Jakob on #74462

    Jakob from Germany here.
    I want to do some 4000meter peaks in the West alps and re-start trailrunning with a 23k alpine run.
    Based close to Kiel(really Flat) but workwise often in Munic.

    What is your plan?

    customcol on #74466

    Sounds great. I’m Heading for Scotland for climbing this winter and I want to start trail running this year. My ambition is to do some trail and climbing link ups in the UK in the summer.

    Joel Bea on #74496

    Hello! Joel from Colorado, US here. My goal is some ski mountaineering routes in my generally local area. So no major travel goals but hopefully a new baseline for my fitness.

    Looking forward to the process,


    Chris Finley on #74558

    Chris from Washington State, US – north of Seattle. I have a list of local mountains to climb and would like to be in less pain climbing them 🙂
    I love backpacking too and want to get those daily miles up. If anyone wants to train on Western Washington peaks, let me know. Some social commitment is a good motivator.

    Cheers, Chris


    Lindsay in Issaquah. I’m primarily focused on Denali starting 5/15, but hoping to do some ice-climbing in Feb in CO. After Denali will focus on rock-climbing, and still need to get Glacier Peak here.

    Laron Thomas on #74996

    After having 3 kids, I have realized that social commitment is indeed a great motivator when the number of responsibilities seems quite high and life gets very busy.

    I’m from Anchorage, AK, USA, and my main goal this winter is to prepare for a 2 week trip to the AK Range (“basecamp” type of trip), with a main objective of climbing Mount Huntington’s West Face Couloir. Long term, this would be in preparation for a Cassin Ridge attempt in 2024 perhaps. Gym training, climbing local mountains, lots of local ice climbing including in Valdez, and cross country skiing will be some of the preparation.

    This summer, I hope to focus on local peaks that I can do short backpacking trips with my kiddos to climb/scramble up to summits. We’ve worked on camping, hiking, and climbing but I’d like to put the three together. That type of adventure is really what suits Alaska best, imho.

    I’d like to continue working on improving my rockclimbing skills (which are severely lacking partially/mainly due to living in Alaska), do some sort of long trail run (50 mile-100 mile time range of 8-30 hours) whether it’s a race or some sort of interesting local route (of which there are many), and continue learning more about enjoying the mountains more fully.

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