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    Hey Uphill

    My Name is Jordan. I’m 28 years old. I’m currently 2 months out of labrum repair surgery on my shoulder. I have been giving the all clear to begin running again but still won’t be able to climb for some time. So this year I’m prioritizing running objectives over climbing and am looking to accomplish some big goals (for me at least) in the mountains. I’m a avid alpine climber who has been to the north cascades an Colorado a few times. was leading .10s on trad before my surgery. An would run around 30 miles a week with one of the Runs being a longer run half marathon distance an up with at least 5k gain. The goals I would like to work towards would be a PNW volcano slam. (That would be climbing Hood, Adams, St.Helens, Rainier, glacier peak and Baker in a 7-10 day period) And or Gannett peak in a day in the winds. I have been running on a consistent basis for 16 years until the past 4 months when I was Diagnosed with my injury. What training plain do you think would best help me get back in shape, accomplish my goals an get me in the mountains crushing again.

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    The best plan for those objectives is the Mike Foote Big Vert plan. However you might want to spend a couple of months just informally getting your running legs back with a gradual build up in volume before launching into a more structured plan. You can use the guidelines in Training for the Uphill Athlete on how to progress your volume during this conditioning period.


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