Long Runs Carbo supplement yes or not?

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    Hi all, during long runs (more than 2 hs) on flat surfaces….below Aerobic Threshold….do we need to takes gels or Carbo drinks? My question is due to learn to use Fat as energy.
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    Anonymous on #45234


    If you are trying to improve fat adaptation then taking them during the run will diminish that effect. However it will speed your recovery afterward. Depending on your fat adaptation your performance may decline during the run as you deplete carbs. Those that are highly fat adapted will not see so much decline.

    You might want to listen to the first podcast I did with our staff dietician Rebecca Dent on fasted training to learn more.


    Jan on #45444

    If you are training for ultras, you can also use the long runs to train your gut. So eating the same food (and in the same frequency) you expect to eat during the race could be a good idea.

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