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    Ultra Jason

    I had a question about logging training hours. In the Uphill Athlete Book there are some good guidelines about how many hours per year (or week) will be beneficial in building your aerobic base and for overall training planning. I am now following the 100K Progression Chart for a Cat 2 runner with a good base. I am 8 weeks out from a 50K trail race, roughly 16 weeks out from a 50 miler trail race and roughly 20 weeks out from a 125 km trail race. My question is, in the guidelines for active recovery (i.e. 3 days/week of foam rolling, stretching, massage, swim etc etc), do you count this time in the overall training hour per week? i.e. lets assume I train 520 hours per year (or 10/week), should I count the active recovery time against the 10 hours/week? or should the 10 hours be just my running, general strength, etc etc?

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    Anonymous on #39305

    Active recovery (easy runs, etc), yes. Passive recovery (foam rolling, massage), no.

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