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    Tyler Ashton

    I’m new to the Oceanside, CA area and I’m looking for some mountains and trails with vert for weekend day trips. I’m willing to drive to anything about an hour away. The more detail the better, links to Strava segments etc get you double brownie points

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    Anonymous on #38914

    I don’t know the Oceanside area, but in similar situations, I use Gaia GPS to see where trails are.

    climbgoon on #39172

    I grew up and lived most of my life in San Diego county. Check out the book “a foot and a field by Jerry Chad.Its a hiking book but most of the trips can be done as trail runs.
    Welcome to SD County!

    Reed on #39207

    Check out Cuyamaca Rancho State Park and the various sections of Cleveland National Forest. Gaia GPS is great.

    Matt Deen on #42255

    +1 for Cuyamaca SP

    I really enjoy the Mount Laguna Rec Area in the Cleveland National Forest. Beautiful rolling terrain not a ton of vertical/steeps.

    I am having a difficult time finding steep enough terrain to do weighted hill climbs. I have been pouring over Gaia GPS trying to find a fire road or trail but I’ve come up empty. I guess I’ll have to find some off trail terrain. If there any San Diego folks who know where the steeps are, please let me know. Thanks!

    Richard Park on #42333

    Hi all,

    I grew up in San Diego County (Vista, which is right next to Oceanside) and now live in the San Diego City area. I’m working through the 16 week big mountain plan and previously put together my own training plans using TFtNA so am familiar with the difficulties of finding suitable weighted ME trails.

    There are only two trails that I’ve been able to find within an hour of San Diego for weighted ME neither are perfect though:

    The South Ridge of El Cajon: has a pretty sustained grade in the mid 20% for 1500′ vertical, but has sections of 3rd/4th class which makes it difficult with a really heavy pack. Also, it gets really hot and has no shade.

    Viejas Mountain South approach: Starts off with sustained grade in the mid 20%, but eases off to flatter terrain after 900′ of elevation gain. After a 1/4 mile it continues at a reduced grade ~17% for another 900′ of gain. Also really hot and no shade.

    What I’ve been doing once a week is driving up to Mt Baldy which is about 2.5 hours away (drive up has traffic, drive back is usually an hour and forty five minutes).
    Register Ridge is the best I’ve found in Southern California for ME so far. It has a one mile approach up a gentle grade. The actual trail is mid to high 20% grade for over 2000′ of gain. It’s at elevation so cooler in temperature and has sections of tree cover for shade.

    The Cuyamaca and Laguna areas are nice for trail runs, but I would take mosquito precautions right now. I was there this weekend and am covered in bites!

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