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    I posed this question to the folks at Uphill Athlete via the contact form and they also suggested I solicit feedback from the knowledgeable community at large ) I hadn’t explored the forums yet – what a wealth of info!

    I am following the 8-week training plan in preparation for the Haute Route in April. The more articles I read on UpHill Athlete’s website, and the further I get into the training plan, I am wondering what kind of adaptations or tweaks I might need to be making to my training. I live at 10,300ft, and while I know this will only benefit me for acclimatization, it does make the workouts more tricky in regard to AeT/AnT and the longer recovery runs (because honestly, I can ski tour all day, but can’t run for an hour and no kind of run feels like a “recovery” activity up here) …

    What kinds of experiences and insights do you all have?

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    Anonymous on #39467

    Can you go lower for some of your training?

    As a side note, I’ve often thought that the ideal scenario would be to live at 6-7,000′ with easy access to < 5,000' and > 10,000′. Then you could go up or down as training required.

    Jeremy on #42697

    I live at 7000ft in Lake Tahoe and I assumed that the added elevation would be beneficial to training. Im waiting on the heart rate monitor I just purchased to come in a few days, but I can tell even without the gear that its difficult to do big hikes and keep my heart rate down as listed in the book/training programs.

    All the hikes in this area start at 6500-7500 and go up to 10k. Scott are you saying its beneficial to go down to 5000 ft to do workouts? I think that’s about where Reno is for elevation which is easily accessible for me. Thanks in advance!

    Anonymous on #42706

    I’ve never lived at 7,000′, but it strikes me as an ideal elevation. As far as I know, it’s high enough to get some adaptation to altitude without much of a compromise on speed or recovery.

    As I mentioned, I think the ideal place would also have easy access to +/- 2,000′. You can do easy base training both above and below, and all high-intensity low.

    I’ll ask Scott J. for his thoughts on this as well.

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