Lithium and dehydration

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    Jonathan Hibbert

    A bit of a long shot but naught to loose. Does anyone have any experience/knowledge about taking lithium and specifically managing dehydration while out in the mountains. My doctor wants to prescribe it to me but having read through the potential side effects of toxicity I’m rather worried about the possible impact of becoming dehydrated during a climb. While none of treatment options have side effects I’m terribly happy with, the potential unpredictability of lithium seems to be adding quite a bit of additional risk to the situation.

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    Thomas Summer, MD on #62526

    Hi Jonathan!

    I’m no expert in psychiatric medication. But if your Doc want’s to prescibe it he will certanly do constant blood evaluation. For plasma levels and other things, like elektrolytes. I think that with the correct dosage you shouldn’t have problems, in terms of this sideeffects. But tell your Doc about your worries. Do you have any issues with your heart or kidneys? Or already any elektrolyte issues?

    hope that helps a bit?!


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