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    Steve House

    HI coaches,

    The lite, or easy, version of our popular Chamonix Mountain Fit videos are now complete and are currently being uploaded into the same folder as all the other CMF videos. The passwords is also the same: strength

    These are 30 min workouts that were developed to be used by athletes for whom the regular 1-hour CMF level 1 was too difficult. Or for in-season athletes who needed a portable functional strength program to help them stay tuned up during their peak season.

    I hope you find this useful!

    Here are the links, this will be consolidated into one place with other coaching links in the near future.
    Password: strength

    Lite Level 1:
    Lite Level 2:
    Lite Level 3:

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    Anonymous on #61813

    Hi Steve,

    I have a link to each individual CMF video but not one to a master folder for the videos. I checked the best practices document as well and did not see a place to access the new video. If you or anyone has that link can you share it? Thank you! I have an athlete this will be perfect for!

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