Learning from Failure: Scott Johnston’s early days…

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    Melanie Hunter

    I just wanted to say I was completely delighted listening to Scott Johnston’s stories of flailing about in the Colorado mountains and other climes as a teenager and young man. I could relate to so much of that! I grew up in Colorado, too. I did have the great fortune of having a dad who took us on weekend backpacking trips to various 14ers when I was a little kid, but once I was on my own…yep, your brain and judgement take a while to catch up to your ambitions. I would pair up with different adventure buddies and go out and tackle these odd objectives (let’s hike barefoot around the entire Sand Dunes! How long could it possibly take?) that never quite turned out the way we imagined they would. And the story about guy with the drugs in his car–I once got picked up at the top of Molas Pass in a summer snowstorm after some ridiculous mountain biking loop that we couldn’t quite pull off by a guy who was 1) stoned 2) drinking and 3) told us he was just back from Mexico with a car full of dope. We got out at the top of Coal Bank Pass just a few minutes later. I have no recollection of how we got back to Durango, where I was living at the time.

    Also–70’s parenting! (I’m a little younger so for me it was 80’s parenting! I wonder what they thought we were out doing?) Anyway–thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the stories and the reminiscing!

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    I’m glad yo enjoyed my little trip down memory lane. Sounds like you could relate very well to those adolescent misadventures. They’re good teachers….if you live through them.


    jimmylwo on #81317

    It sounds like you had some adventurous and memorable experiences in the Colorado mountains, much like Scott Johnston. Those tales of youthful ambition and sometimes questionable judgment can make for some entertaining and even valuable life lessons. The Colorado wilderness offers plenty of opportunities for both incredible adventures and unexpected twists. Thanks for sharing your relatable stories, and here’s to many more safe and exciting outdoor explorations!

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    RunnerNo16 on #86302

    I love going through dense forests during my trail runs. But it helps if several friends are together, as sometimes it is so quiet that it becomes scary.

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