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    I’m currently into my 15th week of training.
    Since start I’ve used 133 as my AeT treshold.
    Today I re-tested on my treadmill.

    Inclination: 12%
    Warm-up (00:00:00 to 00:20:00): 20 min
    Speed during test (00:20:00 to 01:20:00): 4.9 km/h
    HR at test start (average HR from 00:20:00 to 00:21:00): 136

    First half (00:20:00 to 00:50:00) average HR: 139
    Second half (00:50:00 to 01:20:00) average HR: 144
    Resulting drif: 3.5%

    Link to TrainingPeaks:

    It seems that 136 is still sub-AeT.
    Should I re-test and search for a drift closer to 5% or can I make a reasonable guess of my AeT? Maybe 138??

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    Yes, use 138 and see how you recover from daily aerobic runs. Recovery state will affect your AeT and AnT from day to day. Some days 138 will feel easy and other days 135 will feel hard. You’re not a machine and need to be able to sense the good days and bad.

    I hope this helps.

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