Last FUA Group 4 zoom today!

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    See you all at 11am PDT, our subject today is “everything” a final catch all of questions on any topic or new things. Welcome to week eleven of the program, looking forward to seeing you soon ( :

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    Melanie Hunter on #64635

    Hi Carolyn and Maya!

    I had an appointment run long today (ugh) so I didn’t get the chance to ask my questions. Both of these are simple Training Peaks things that seem like stuff I should be able to figure out…

    First, how do you make the map of your training that day go to full screen? I did this once and canNOT seem to do it again! I just got back from a week in the Grand Canyon and thought it would be fun to share a full-screen shot of our GPS track on the map with my 23 year old niece-this was her fist backpacking trip ever.

    Second, could you review the “elevation correction” function? When do you use that, and why?

    Also, a comment–after a year of training with this FUA group (even after the complete *mess* this winter turned out to be for me) I had a great hike in the Canyon. Everything felt good, I had no real aches and pains, my nutrition was on point, my energy was good, and my niece had a great time. For our hike out I set a below-aerobic threshold pace for us, explained what I was doing and why, and she was *really* interested in hearing more about this type of training. 🙂 The last time I hiked the canyon was almost 30 years ago and even though I used to work outside with a heavy pack on my back, I wasn’t sure how I would feel this time. This is such a great group!

    Anonymous on #64638

    Hi Melanie,
    I am so thrilled to hear your trip went so well!! I know you had some concerns and it really sounds like your training and nutrition planning really paid off. ((:

    I’m actually not sure how to make the map go full screen other than the arrow to enlarge the map in the lower right hand side, if you are a member of OpenStreetAap you can click on that bottom right and view/edit the map as well.
    If you are looking for something else that might be a good question for the TrainingPeaks customer service folks who are amazing!

    The elevation correction function is for metrics, many GPS watches have a small to large fraction of error when actively recording elevation. Once loaded in TP, TrainingPeaks takes the raw data and turns it into more accurate elevations. That way you can adjust your TSS accurately for elevation gain/load/etc.

    I’d rewatch the zoom from last time as we covered it in detail with a shared screen so it will be more clear. As well we discussed the metric adjustments. I will adjust elevation for all WO where uphill was meant to be measured and or I’m building to a specific vertical goal. Good knowledge to have ( :

    I hope this helps!

    Lauren Miller on #64658

    Hi all! I missed the zoom today but can you re-share the link to the google drive where the recordings live?

    Anonymous on #64661

    Here you go!


    And for everyone, you can scroll back through the forum to find all information, there are now a bunch of pages (toggle back at the bottom of the screen as needed)

    Melanie Hunter on #64875

    Thank you, that does help! I’m behind in all Things Online right now so it’s good to know where to look when I get the time. 🙂

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