Lactate Testing Troubleshooting

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    I recently picked up a lactate plus meter but have been having a lot of trouble getting consistent results from it. Does anyone have any tips?
    I’ve been using alcohol wipes to clean the finger after the first drop then testing the second, trying to handle the test strips with gloved fingers only… Anything else I can do?
    I don’t have any control solution to test the meter against but I suspect it’s user error or bad strips or something because I can’t get two readings within 1 mmol/l even when the samples are back to back.
    Im happy to help test others/ lend out the meter if anyone in the bay area would be willing to go hands on!

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    Anonymous on #22369

    Maybe I misunderstood, but are you using the alcohol wipes in between samples? If so, that’s likely the issue.

    The alcohol is intended to disinfect the skin prior to any finger pricks. apply the wipe, let it dry, use the lancet, wipe away the first drop and then test the second drop. If the puncture stays open, you can continue sampling without having to re-disinfect, etc.

    I never use gloves unless I’m testing someone else. The strips aren’t that sensitive unless another liquid is present (like sweat, alcohol, etc).

    P.S. Scott J. is just finishing up an article about testing protocol, so that should be on the UA site shortly.

    freddy.mondale on #22382

    Ahhh, I see. Hopefully that’s what I’ve been screwing up! I’ll give it another try only using the alcohol at the beginning (making sure its all evaporated away) and wiping between drops with a normal paper towel.
    Doesn’t sound like most people bother with the control solution or any special calibration?

    Anonymous on #22383

    I haven’t seen the need to use a control solution. For my purposes, my samples have been reasonably consistent and reliable unless sweat, alcohol, or (a cold) temperature affects the reading.

    Reed on #22449

    Just to echo Scott – for each sample (not just at the beginning of the workout), I do the following:

    • Wipe finger with alcohol swab
    • Wipe with clean tissue (or air dry, but that’s not as quick)
    • Prick finger
    • Squeeze out a drop of blood, wipe away with clean tissue
    • Squeeze out a second drop, use for lactate test

    I have not bothered with a calibration / control solution either.

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