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    Hello all,

    Does anybody have any good recommendations for a good and easy to use Lactate meter?

    I’ve been looking into the Lactate Pro 2, Scout, and Plus. But also I have found one called “The Edge Lactate Analyser. It’s a bit cheaper than the others. But I don’t if it’s good or not.

    Thank you

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    Reed on #48357

    I’ve been using a Lactate Plus ( for several years. Works great. It’s not exactly new technology, so I would guess that any of the lactate meters will give you reasonable results. I found that some are available only in certain countries, probably due to medical device regulations. There are some articles on this website as well as forum discussions on the topic.

    Anonymous on #48427

    Same. I’ve used the Plus for years. Simple device, samples in 13 seconds.

    Justanotherclimber on #48568

    Anyone know a good source to buy them in Canada?

    Reed on #48630

    Try Nova – from their website, “International orders, please call 781-894-0800.”

    Anonymous on #49053

    I never found a Canadian source. I even contacted the Canadian distributor and was ignored. So I’ve always ordered from

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