Lactate Test and AeT Interpretation

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    Yet another AeT interpretation question…

    I completed the Lactate Test on 2/12/2020 at about 8:30 am (I may have had some carbs prior, but I can’t remember) as you can see I wasn’t sufficiently warmed up prior to the test… but I still believe we got decent results.

    I just wanted to get another opinion that a HR of 139 should be set as the top of Z2? This is the number I have been using but upon revisiting the data today, I am wondering if my AeT should be closer between 150-155? (I certainly have ADS so I hope the low HR training I have been doing has been good for my base) But I just find I have to walk (or near impossibly slow jog) almost ALL of my miles, not just uphill.

    For fun we went to failure and found my max HR at 188. According to this test my AnT is 165. However, on 3/24 I was moving into the next training block and found an AnT of 176 by using the recommended UA method – a 15 min warm-up and a 30 min sustained max effort on an incline.

    I’m also wondering which of these values you would suggest using?

    Thank you in advance for the insight!

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    Hi Jenna,

    Taking the 1mmol/L @ 140bpm and 2.4mmol/L @ 158bpm numbers, that would suggest that your aerobic threshold (AeT) is about 153bpm. If the intervals you used during your test were reasonably long, 3+ minutes each, then the data should be roughly accurate.

    You’d probably be OK with setting Zone 2 to be 135-150bpm, and Zone 1 120-135bpm. More time in Z1 and Z1 is always good.


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    Awesome. Thank you so much for your response!

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