Lack of ankle mobility, squats and step downs

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    I have previously broken my right ankle and I’m limited in amount of adduction I can do with it. I can get down to about 90 degrees, but substitute box squats for full depth. For squats, would putting a small heel riser be okay so that I can go all the way down? With the step offs I find I can’d do a full step off without raising my heel. Is the raising of the heel acceptable, and if not, can I replace the step off with something like a single leg deadlift or split squat?

    Thank you

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    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #44391

    Feel free to use the plate riser for squats, the goal is strength for that movement! Substitute movements that keep your heel flat…….and then have some ankle mobility movements that you are doing PRIOR to strength. I like to do a combination of soft tissue mobility with rolling etc. Follow the soft tissue work with ankle dorsiflexion movements. Knee to wall, goblet squat with hold in the hole,
    Keep at it, things can still change.

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