Lab Lactate Test – how to interpret results

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    Hi fellow athletes 🙂

    After a couple of drift tests, I decided to get the “real thing” at a lab…
    results from my drift tests were usually at 4.45min/km and around 165bpm for 40min steady.

    setup: running, 1% incline, 3min runs + 30sec rest to draw blood on a tread mill.

    As you can see from the attached file, my lactate values hit 2mmol/l somewhere in-between 12-14km/h, which is roughly 5min/km – 4.20min/km and 165bpm (approx.)

    In the “evaluation” of the test, it states that my LT1 is at 141bpm and 5.16min/km and my LT2 is at 176bpm and 04.02min/km…

    If I believe their conclusion about LT1 and LT2 I am certainly strongly aerobically deficient… and should focus on VERY low intensity training.
    If I go for “my interpretation” my AeS should be somewhere around 165bpm while AnS is 176bpm, so more high intensity training should be done.

    Maybe the “definition” of their LT1 is BS, as they define it as the first measurement where the lactate values increases above the first measurement.

    Now… what do you think of A) the test method (3min step protocol with 30sec rest in-between) and B) the results in regards to future training?

    Thanks a lot!

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    From this test I would call your AeT about 160-165. That looks like where your lactate had jumped by 1 from base levels.

    I don’t like to rely on lactate tests for determining VT2/LT/AnT. I prefer to use a field test as described in an article on this site.


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