Knee surgery, will rowing help even a bit?

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    reposting here from another forum – I’m out 6 months or more due to a ligament rupture. I’m 57 and 4 weeks postop. I can’t hike, run or even walk at the moment because my leg is immobilized in a brace and knee range of motion won’t be restored for who knows how long – 1 or 2 months likely. I can row with a skateboard under my affected leg though! Will there be any transference at all from rowing to endurance for uphill hiking? I think my understanding of endurance is that it is specific musculoskeletal adaptations of a movement. Will it help even a little when I start bipedal training again? I’m hoping to have somewhat of a season in 2024. Even if its just one late summer climb.

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    Thomas Summer, MD on #80718

    Hi Dominic!
    Depending on how much muscle mass you are activating you’ll get a cardiovascular adaptation. If you use one leg and both arms that’s enough to get a general cardiovasc. adaptation – training effect. You can also train local endurance in the non affected leg. And also strength with the “good” leg. That will even have a crossover effect on the injured leg. Isometric excersices with the injured leg should be fine too. If you can savely train with the skateboard under the affected leg, I’m sure you’ll get a training response. BUT DON’T RISK THE SURGERY OUTCOME!!! So talk to your surgeon first. And try to find and work with a good physio, who knows what you want to get ready for.
    I hope that helps?
    If you have any other questions about the injury and training/recovering from it, I’m happy to help (if you would like to give me some more informations).

    Have a good recovery!
    Gute Besserung!

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